New study looks at ear reconstructions at GOSH and RHSC

2017 sees the publication of a new study by Neil Bulstrode, Ken Stewart, and colleagues. It contacts rib graft ear reconstruction patients who had surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital (Neil Bulstrode’s cases) and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Ken Stewart’s cases).

The study asks children how they feel about their new ears, as well as questioning them on other experiences during and after surgery.

There’s a lot in the research that will be useful to any microtians considering reconstruction, so this blog will unpick it across several posts.

  1. The first will describe how the study was carried out, and the children who took part.
  2. The second will highlight some of the main results on children’s feelings about their new ears.
  3. The third will look at other experiences related to the surgery.
  4. The fourth will discuss implications of the research for children considering reconstruction – including possible questions to ask surgeons and / or people who have experienced surgery themselves.

The full journal article can be found here: : Akter, F., Mennie, J,C., Stewart, K., Bulstrode, N. (2017). Patient reported outcome measures in microtia surgery. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery (70), 416-424.

If you would like to read the original report and can’t access it (you usually need a university account to get through the paywall), the corresponding author should be able to provide you with a personal copy: /


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