#toylikeme celebrates difference and diversity

#toylikeme is a fast-growing movement calling on ‘the global toy industry to positively represent 150 million children with disabilities and difference worldwide.’

Set up in 2015 by journalist and mum Rebecca Atkinson – who is herself deaf – #toylikeme has featured in news outlets around the world: including the BBC, Mail, Guardian, Yahoo, Dystractify, Upworthy and Al Jeezera.

As well as lobbying big manufacturers like Lego and Playmobile to include more diverse representations in their products, #toylikeme’s website features small businesses who custom-make a fantastic variety of toys: including some with Microtia!

The site also includes a gallery of makeovers for homemade inspiration, and highlights existing representative products (such as a cuddly microtian Nemo).

#toylikeme says: ‘Positive representation matters. To see yourself reflected by huge toy brands like Playmobil and Lego is about more than just a toy. It’s about these brands sending out a powerful message that everyone should be included and celebrated. Let’s normalise diff:ability for what it really is, part of the natural spectrum of human life.’